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Marketing Genius Namita Tiwari on the Golden P of Modern Marketing – “Purpose” & Propensity of Brands & Consumers towards it

Namita Tiwari is a seasoned marketing professional with 20 years of experience across all marketing functions. She is an authority on marketing & passionate about convergence of digital, brand & content. She has spearheaded many tech-driven marketing initiatives in her two decades of career and has been inspired & inclined towards purpose-driven marketing. In this […]

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Here Is How Dr. Ross Blagg Connects with His Patients via His Venturesome Plastic Surgery Road Trip Journey

When you feel connected to someone, an indescribable openness emotionally binds you together. This feeling of intimacy between two people develops a sense of security and trust, which helps people to grow and learn new things together. Therefore, the richer our lives become, the more linked we feel to others, which enhances our sense of […]

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This Is Where Dr. Steven Kaufman Stands after 20 Years in the Real Estate Industry

Dr. Steven Kaufman is a finance enthusiast who is also a successful real estate investor and influencer with over 20 years of industry experience. He is the founder and CEO of the Zeus Companies, currently engaged in successfully running subsidiaries like Zeus Crowdfunding, Zeus Lending, and Zeus Equity Group. With a portfolio of investments that […]

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Content Creator Adriana Lee Sheds Light on Her Yoga Journey and Transforming Lives

In life, being kind and gentle with yourself is important. We all go through tough times, experience hardships, and deal with failures. But what matters is how we surpass those bad days and keep ourselves moving. However, everyone has a different way of dealing with setbacks. Adriana Lee, a successful content creator, writer, and yoga […]

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Rui da Silva Shares His Vision and Approach to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Great nourishment, everyday workout, and satisfactory rest are the underpinnings of sound living. A good way of life keeps you fit, enthusiastic, and at diminished risk for sickness. Having a good and healthy lifestyle will reduce your chance of getting sick. Well-being isn’t just about keeping away from an illness or disease; It is about […]