Why CEO Jayson Waller Is Obsessed With Giving Back

Billionaires believe in giving back. While living a life of luxury, 200+ of them have signed the Giving Pledge, where they will donate the majority of their wealth to charitable causes upon passing. Like most wildly successful entrepreneurs, CEO Jayson Waller of POWERHOME SOLAR also has philanthropic desire to give back.

“In 3rd world countries, roughly ⅛ people do not have access to clean drinking water so if we can donate enough money, and with every system we install $40 of that is donated, so every 2500 systems we sell builds a solar water farm…and that’s exciting because it is impacting the world…these are people who need clean water!”—he says.

POWERHOME SOLAR did over $360M in revenue in 2020, and with a run rate of $700M so a lot of solar water farms were built in the GivePower partnership along with an altruistic business culture. Over 9 employees were also rewarded with an unforgettable experience installing solar water farms in Nepal.

At a certain point, entrepreneurs move up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs until they get to “self-actualization”. It is the highest psychological development where all your basic needs are met and you reach the full potential of personal development and appreciation for helping others. In his top 5 apple podcast True UnderdogJayson says his passion to help others stemmed from his own personal experiences…

“What was my life like? Did I get a college degree? No, I went to a vocational school to get a high school diploma, had a kid in my teens, married my baby’s mama, who’s now my wife of almost twenty years. We did it backwards—had a baby when she was 17 and when I was turning 18. Everyone told us you are not gonna make it,” he said.

Jayson says the main goal of this podcast is to share stories, motivate, and inspire others to take action. Starting from humble beginnings, Jayson grew up in a trailer park and scaled three companies to all-time highs in revenue. Even with POWERHOME SOLAR approaching a billion dollar a year business, his urge to impact lives and help people only grows with his success, and he is truly an entrepreneur obsessed with giving back.

You can learn more about how Jayson Waller and POWERHOME SOLAR are giving back below:






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