Co-founder of a TV and Film Production Company, Trudy Zulu, Tells the World about Her Triumphant Journey

Being administrative, determined, and a perfectionist are the traits that can help to lead toward the path to triumph. Hard work and tireless efforts never go unrewarded. Trudy Zulu, an international businesswoman, the CEO of a global brand, and a co-founder of a TV and film production company, T&T multimedia, shares her triumphant journey with the world.

Trudy Zulu started her entrepreneurial journey in her early 20s. In the initial stage, she failed to run her business successfully but never even thought of giving up because she had big goals to accomplish. Trudy took her failure as a positive lesson that pushed her forward to learn more things as she believed one could learn more by practicing than theoretically. 

In that period, Trudy took a break to explore herself and discover the purpose she was sent for. However, she acknowledged her passion and love for natural talent in business and film. The talk to her inner self led her to study in that field. Consequently, she received training in that direction in no time. In the meantime, Trudy successfully launched T&T multimedia after producing, shooting, and airing her first TV show.

T&T multimedia has a division within the company that offers advertising platforms for individuals. Additionally, the company has tremendous advantages by providing marketing solutions to small to large businesses. 

In 2021, Trudy successfully launched her online clothing brand Zapporrah which ships fashionable everyday apparel worldwide. As Trudy struggled with short-armed dresses while growing up, she had an urge to bring something that proved beneficial for all sizes and shapes of women. Soon after that, Zapporrah was considered the brand of the year in the women’s clothing category and started to roll out as a retail brand locally. Usually, most brands cater to the average-sized woman, so Trudy was willing to fetch something new to the community.

Trudy not only runs her chic clothing brand, but she is also the founder of Bloom with Grace, where she assists women in realizing how to unearth their untapped potential. On the other side, as the founder of Miss Beauty with Brains, Trudy, with her team, mentors and guides young girls and empowers them to be the best versions of themselves. 

Trudy Zulu is a proud recipient of the CWEN social entrepreneur of the year. She successfully produced and aired many television shows. Trudy is a multi-talented soul who never fails to impress people with her outstanding skills. She is a trained TV and Radio presenter, speaker, and MC. Apart from her achievements, Trudy Zulu is a lover of life, a responsible mom, a believer, food and traveling lover, and a perfectionist who loves marvelous things. Furthermore, she has a passion for experiencing new things and adores people. 

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