Lynique Browning Is on a Mission to Break Stigmas Attached to the Work Ethic of Businesswoman

Multiple studies indicate that women tend to be ten times more productive than men. However, the subconscious biases embedded within people around the globe continue to disparage the services provided by women within every sector, including the business realm. Under such inequitable circumstances, female business owners like Lynique Browning have taken the spotlight to voice their concerns and are calling out businesses for their lop-sided approach.

Lynique Browning is a businesswoman who has been running six different ventures under her parent company “The MAD Diva Brands.” Her services range from media production and bartending to travel and accommodations. In short, Lynique is the owner of a concierge business that aims to provide its clients with an unparalleled experience.

While working in the industry, Lynique has come across many instances where women were held to higher ethical standards than men and, at the same time, faced harsher punishments in comparison to their male counterparts. This biasness got Lynique thinking about how unjust the system is to women and how they have to work twice as hard to succeed.

From that time onwards, Lynique undertook the responsibility to help empower women within the business industry. She has been working to bring together female entrepreneurs from across America to assist them in setting up and expanding their businesses.

Through her mentorship programs and various speaking engagements, Lynique Browning has been able to help 250 women and 50 small businesses. She has decided to take this movement on tour in order to guide more women and help them achieve their dreams.

As a strong advocate of women empowerment, Lynique continues to assist multiple female businesswomen. She aims to prove those wrong who believe that females fail to work together. She is setting up worthwhile examples for women around the globe to speak up for themselves, to voice their opinions, and ensure that they are being heard.

Lynique believes that it is imperative that the world acknowledges and celebrates the contribution made by women in all industries. Her business ventures are an example of how true and committed women are to their work.

Lynique is, without a doubt, inspiring women to pursue their dreams without worrying about the condemnatory eyes of those who do not want them to succeed. 

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