Professional Trainer Michel Arlindo Wears the Crown of Having Millions of Followers

In the competitive world of social media, it’s a challenge to stand out to showcase your talent and creativity to the world. When it comes to fitness and regular exercise, the first thing that comes to mind is to rush towards your nearest gym. But thanks to technology, everywhere you want to go is just a click away. Michel Arlindo, a digital influencer and gym trainer, proved to be the perfect person to have people turning their heads towards his extraordinary techniques and methods to lose weight.

Michel is a fitness-obsessed man who graduated in physical education from a university in Brazil. Soon after that, he started working as a gym trainer but couldn’t continue after 2019 because the pandemic and lockdown affected his job. Michel never liked the idea of sitting calmly and waiting for opportunities to come their way; instead, he believes that opportunities come to those who actively seek them.

In the meantime, Michel decided to provide rigorous fitness training to his clients from home to successfully run his business. As a result, he intended to run another business where he posts videos on his official Instagram page @michelarlindo, with 178K followers. He is in the habit of posting videos on a daily basis to provide people with an opportunity to lose weight at home.

Michel’s TikTok account (@personalmichel) with 2.1 million followers leaves everyone amazed with its high-quality content on regular exercises and on how to lose weight using different methods. However, his enthusiasm and passion for and the means to train fitness do not come to an end here; he successfully manages his YouTube channel @michel arlindo with 134K subscribers as well.

As a whole, Michel wears the crown of being a digital influencer with 4 million followers who trains 10 thousand students online, apart from social media. He wants to instill an idea in the people by proving if the correct method is applied in the correct way, anyone can lose weight without leaving their houses. In addition, Michel Arlindo is a living example to show that people don’t need a lot of time or a massive amount of money on expensive methods or at the gym to lose weight

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