Francesca Chang, a Travel Blogger, and a Life Coach Shares Her Incredible Journey to Success and Happiness

Francesca Chang is a life coach and travel blogger who is changing lives with her real-life lessons towards attaining happiness and contentment. With encouragement and accountability, she ensures her clients get past mental blocks and limitations hindering their way to success. Francesca is a happy soul who is perfectly comfortable in her skin and in love with what she does. BUT, it wasn’t always this way; she had to brave her fair share of failures and difficulties. With a resilient nature and a yearning for purpose in life, she curated her unique path to success and career satisfaction. 

The incredible career advisor started her professional career as a lawyer. With a burning desire to help others, she chose to study the law so she could uplift and help those in need. Little did she know that law school would suck the life out of her. Life was tough during her years at law school. She became anxious, lost hair, gained weight, and lost her self-confidence. The doctors even thought that she had kidney stones right before sitting for the bar exam. 

With an inherent resilience simmering deep inside, Francesca was bound to bounce back in response to the external pressure that was burying her in her anxieties and worries. She chose to take a drastic step and said her final goodbyes to the profession of law once and for all. Those were hard times marked by uncertainties and fears of an unknown, unstable future. She was back to square one with the decision to leave the law, but the fighting spirit and resilient hope were still alive in her. 

Francesca did not succumb to the social pressure of leaving a prestigious profession like law; people laughed at her for throwing away the hard-earned degree, but she knew what was at stake. The legal profession meant an unsustainable lifestyle and a narrow set of skills and she wasn’t willing to settle for it! The young learner was not ready to make peace with a profession that did not give her purpose, so she chose to experiment with different businesses. Many of her early experiments didn’t work, but there was no going back once she had embarked on her search for health, happiness, and career fulfillment. 

After pivoting into six different professions, exposing herself to new industries, and learning new skills, Francesca moved abroad, started her own blog, and eventually found success as a paid travel blogger in Taiwan- her reclaimed motherland. The opportunity to dig into her roots, engage with the locals, and explore slow travel experiences on the beautiful island of Taiwan fed her soul. Her new job meant a fulfilling life without pretentiousness, and she was being paid for being herself. 
 With a belief that EVERYONE deserves to wake up feeling purposeful and energized, Francesca, started life-coaching those stuck in toxic, limiting, or unfulfilling situations. Her objective is to enable people to reach their maximum potential, break free from limiting beliefs, and pursue whatever it is that brings them joy. She does this through her life coaching services at “Attorney on a Journey.” After helping dozens of lawyers and creatives find their callings, Francesca aims to write a book to teach EVERYONE how they can attain success.

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