Get the Optimism From Mikaela Janalyn on How to Embrace Your Curves With Style

We spend more time scrolling through Instagram than we like to admit. So why not make our experience on the app more enjoyable by following content creators who are as inspiring as they are lovely? Of course, with a healthy dosage of memes too.

From running a body positivity account to modeling and taking the fashion industry by storm, whilst continuing to deliver cool outfit ideas daily, there’s no shortage of things to love about Michaela Janalyn and her Instagram model account, Youtube, Twitter, and travel blog. 

The travel sphere is made up of a widely diverse group of nomads, adventurers, backpackers, and frequent fliers. Despite this diversity, not all types and sizes of travelers are represented equally. This plus-size travel blogger and fashionista is determined to redefine travel norms and stir your inner wanderlust with her own love of travel. Being a young black woman traveling solo is not easy but she does it with grace and makes it look absolutely effortless!

This struggle of being plus-sized has filled Michaela Janalyn with immense hope to launch a very successful swimwear brand one day that will be known to cater to curvier women with bigger chests from all over the world because she herself understands how hard it is for curvy women to find swimwear that fits them. 

Michaela Janalyn is confident in herself and doesn’t try to conform to any of society’s beauty standards. Another reason we love Michaela is her decision to forego editing her Instagram content, as keeping it real is her thing. Keeping it real is her thing. Pretty inspiring, huh? 

She gets it from her mother because she is the one who instilled in her ambition and drive. She always told her to put her best foot forward and is a perfect example of a woman who goes after what she wants and never lets anything hinder her success. You can say girl power’s definitely. 

She also attributes her success and confidence to always believing that she can do anything she puts her mind to, always staying consistent, and most importantly showing up her most authentic self. “Being authentic and confident is the key to being successful at anything in life” says Michaela Janalyn.
Scroll through Michaela Janalyn’s feed, to make your Insta-feed a happier place. Just check out her Instagram account to celebrate the stories of these fabulous curvy models.

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