Competitive in Sports as well as Business, Courtney Acuña Is One Brave Wife, Mother, and Entrepreneur

Over the years, we have seen our world progress at an incredibly fast rate. The only way to thrive here is to progress just as fast and foster a competitive spirit. In this matter, we can learn from the life of Courtney Acuña, a creative media entrepreneur who is the owner of three thriving businesses along with being a wife and a young mother.

Born and raised in Fort Worth, TX, Courtney learned the importance of hard work, perseverance, and integrity from her father who was a CEO. Growing up, she always saw him treat people the right way. Courtney owes her success to the principles she implemented throughout her life; treating people right and being as kind as possible. 

Before being a serial entrepreneur, Courtney was a competitive athlete. After high school, Courtney started a non-profit organization called Reaction Tour in 2011. Through that organization, she traveled to many places, including Uganda, India, and Mexico, to put on camps for sports as well as dance and music. This continued for seven years and eventually ended when Courtney welcomed her daughter Mila Grey. 

Being a young mother is hard, but Courtney’s passionate attitude could not let her sit back and settle. Right after her daughter turned one, Courtney started to look for more opportunities. For this purpose, she and her family moved to Los Angeles, where she hoped to find work and her husband tried his luck as an actor. 

And now, it’s been three years since Courtney moved to LA, and she couldn’t want anything better. Her businesses are thriving, and her husband and daughter both are signed to successful agencies where they are acting their way through TV shows and commercials. 

Through her marketing company Mrkt Spc, Courtney is helping various brands and businesses market their products and grow their sales. She has helped 25 brands in their launching phase, assisting them in increasing their reach to attract a larger audience. But this is not the only thing she is working on.

Always seeking new and better ideas, Courtney has recently gotten into podcasting, especially when the pandemic hit. Since then, she has helped many clients launch their successful podcast shows. She not only establishes the shows but also markets them in exciting and innovative ways. 

Courtney always tries to find the missing pieces and gaps to eventually fill them with adequate information and trends. Through her work, she aims to create and solidify brands that host a platform for industry leaders. Visit Courtney Acuña’s website to know more about her work and projects. 

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