Meet Michelle Paulsen: A Fitness Guru Who’s on a Mission to Make Coaching Affordable and Your Lifestyle Healthier

The fitness industry has seen some unprecedented growth over the past couple of years; either it’s because people want to trim down health insurance costs by incentivizing healthy lifestyles, or they become more conscious of their own personal health and fitness. However, often irrationally expensive costs of gym memberships or classes can make fitness enthusiasts stumble on their own feet, unsure where they could go without having to put a dent in their wallets or bank accounts.

When staying healthy and fit while being economical seems too good to be true, meet Michelle Paulsen – a fitness coach and health trainer on her way to provide the best fitness training while taking it easy on her clients’ pockets. The altruistic mission of creating a non-profit gym for inner city kids and orphans has led Michelle to build her online business MichelleFitCoaching, which is a fitness venture home to customized and innovative solutions and approaches befitting everyone’s unique needs.

While the competition keeps soaring, Michelle makes her business stand out in the fitness realm through her experience and her generous personality. Dollar signs mean little to her since her goal is to help people genuinely. According to Michelle, living a healthier lifestyle should not cost an arm and a leg, and people should not be paying such huge sums for their fitness and health.

The fitness entrepreneur, or ‘fitpreneur’, prides herself on making coaching and fitness affordable compared to other companies offering these services with rates ten times higher. Due to her unconventional outlook, Michelle’s job training at Lifetime Fitness was also short-lived; she quit because she considered their extortionate prices as nothing but a daylight robbery.

Another distinctive trait of hers is that she refrains from misleading her clients by providing services she’s not qualified for. It happens more often than one would think in the fitness world, that personal training coaches tend to coach their clients on the subject of nutrition as well. If the trainers are nutrition-certified, well enough. But if they’re not, it’s better to refer the clients to a specialist rather than lying to them. Michelle Paulsen is one of the few to stick by this principle strictly.

At the end of the day, giving her clients the most essential resources for a healthier life is the honest approach Michelle abides by. Her ultimate goal is to have clients transition into living a healthier life without being dependent on any health coach, even herself. And with her fitness business, she’s going strong towards that goal. Given the extraordinary vision of the founder, it’s no surprise that MichelleFitCoaching is becoming one of the dominant competitors in the health club market. Get your hands on some expert health advice and fitness training by Michelle Paulsen on her fitness application here.

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