A Passionate CVT, H Due Wants to Provide Special Needs Pets with Homes

Tech college gave H Due the opportunity to go beyond the horizon and implement groundbreaking ideas to revive perceptions regarding animal rights. They wanted to do more than just create awareness; they made a plan of action and started with an agenda to instill empathy within the vast majority. Trained as a veterinary technician from 2012 to 2015, H Due has worked relentlessly in general practice for the last seven years.

Raising more than five pets in their home, H has earned great insight into the effort it takes to care for an animal, especially those suffering from multiple disabilities. They have a one-eyed puppy, a three-legged dog and kitten, an unsympathetic cat, and Nora, the internet sensation, all living under one roof. H had no idea that their gray tabby, a former stray cat, would turn heads over the internet.

Headlines on CNN, Metro, and MSN caught the attention of every passerby. H was notified by a friend in Australia, ecstatic over Nora’s skyrocketing fame. They were absolutely gobsmacked when they saw the cat’s dedicated Instagram page, @Nora.no.ears, grow. Since then, they have set their priorities and used Nora’s global recognition for the greater good.

Milking “Nora Jean the Earless Queen’s” stardom would have done no good to either Nora, H, or other disability-stricken animals. Therefore, H decided to introduce more innovative ideas. As an exceptionally talented CVT, they understood the ins and outs of animal behavior. They assisted other animal owners to the best of their abilities and provided valuable information for their pets’ growth. However, with the notable success of @Nora.no.ears on Instagram, a door to reach a wider audience opened.

Moreover, H has consistently interacted with followers on Instagram and has uploaded many posts featuring Nora. One comment under the Dane County Humane Society’s adoption post on Facebook led Nora straight into H Due’s lap. Alongside her siblings, Nora has grown accustomed to her new environment amongst critters like her who have eminent disabilities. H saw Nora’s recovery as a sign of the possibilities of life. They had no idea that Nora would soon become an adored internet celebrity.

Now, H envisions an excellent future for Nora, their other pets, and many other unattended animals. With their growing Instagram following, they want to start ‘The Due Zoo’ – a place where they can nourish and care for their animals and showcase them to the world. H has created a ‘sister’ account called @the.due.zoo to showcase their other two cats, one Pitbull, one Shih Tzu, fish, lizards and guinea pigs!

H Due never thought that one post of a stray gray cat wearing purple crocheted ears would garner so much attention. Now, they plan to take this opportunity to educate people on how to best care for their fuzzy little companion. It is the start of a journey through which H Due and Nora will reach out to numerous people and promise a notable change.

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