Leading Musician Allura Plans on Having the No.1 Podcast in the Nation

If you have an idea you believe in, hold close to your heart, and want the world to know about, then social media should be your go-to place. Because of the power of this new and ever-evolving communication medium, many artists and influencers from various fields are investing in having their own podcasts. Take leading musician and artist Allura, for example — she plans to launch her first podcast in the near future and is very excited about it.

We’re living in the age of social media that has helped give voiceless people a profound voice and raised awareness about everything. This is something she wants to capitalize on. Allura’s new podcast show, inspired by the events in her life, is all set to launch soon. She wants to talk about gender and social issues through her podcast, following the same pattern she also applies on her viral TikTok platform.

A staunch believer in women empowerment, Allura has been advocating women’s rights since the beginning of her career in 2019. It is difficult for women to walk the path of success, especially when living in a patriarchal society. A woman is questioned at each step, and her actions have worse consequences than a man in the same position.

That is why she wants her podcast show, “Absolutely Not the Podcast ” to focus on the education and enlightenment of women. It doesn’t matter if someone is from the media industry, the medical or legal ones, or any other walk of life; Allura’s world is all-encompassing. She plans to use her podcast to help women understand the need to work together and to be assets to each other instead of rivals.

It is essential to ensure boundaries, as they help with our peace of mind and come in handy when you want to keep unwanted negativity at bay. Allura learned the hard way that you cannot punish yourself for other people’s crimes. All you can choose to do is become a force for good, for yourself, and for those in need.

That is her goal for the future,  leaving something substantial for generations to come. Allura wants it to be her legacy that she tried to make a difference for those who are looked down on. She understands adversity, and she also acknowledges that you cannot make a connection with your audience if you are not relatable.

That is what sets Allura apart from all the other artists. She’s a strong and independent woman with equally powerful vocals who is not afraid to say what’s on her mind. She staunchly believes that having an opinion doesn’t make you a terrible person; it just makes you very real.

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