How Influencer Eric Castellano Has Become an Inspiration to Young People

Influencers are becoming more and more popular these days. They are like celebrities who people look up to for inspiration. Eric Castellano is one such influencer on Instagram with 8 years of experience in the e-commerce industry. He inspires young people to follow their path toward their dreams.

Eric began his career as a businessman. He has always been passionate about business and Amazon became his platform to follow his dreams. He sold products online whose demand gradually spread around the U.S through his unique business model and strategies. 

Eric’s journey as a young entrepreneur was full of struggles. He suffered from homelessness and financial instability due to his business not taking off, but he kept trying by giving all his efforts each time. He was a victim of substance abuse which affected his life greatly. The failures and losses in life are something that Eric accepts as a part of him because he could not have reached his goals otherwise and learned important lessons. 

While helping others expand their businesses, Eric also aims to increase his company’s sales by $100 million per year, and he is working hard on it. He surrounds himself with successful people and attends conferences that motivate him to be more hard-working. He is an inspiring entrepreneur from whom young people can learn. His habits like maintaining work-life balance and planning strategies to increase revenue are an inspiration. Therefore, Eric has opened an Instagram account to help those who are less fortunate in life or need help in growing their businesses. 

As social media is a powerful tool and the most common place where people seek inspiration and help, Eric takes it upon himself to influence people and be their guide towards life. Instagram influencer Eric has 80.1k followers and posts the most authentic stuff that you need to be aware of including new trends and changing business models. People find his entrepreneurial story very inspiring and motivating, so he is a perfect figure to be followed. Eric has also been featured in the Entrepreneur magazine for his work.

Apart from being an Instagram influencer, Eric is also a mentor for Amazon FBA. He has been mentoring around 2,000 students about Amazon to help them grow their businesses. He aims to educate 20,000 Amazon sellers through his FBA course called the EsellersRI program. He believes that there is a lack of authentic consulting in the Amazon space, so through his consulting agency, AmazonLit, new and existing businesses can learn to grow and expand on a bigger scale. With 8 years of experience, Eric’s advice and guide can be a greater help for those who have 0 experience with Amazon and sellers who already own multi-million dollar Amazon businesses.

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