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Attaining Freedom and Defeating Addiction with Famous Life Coach Jonathan Bobby Opp

Drug addiction is not just about desperately wanting a substance; there’s a whole host of darker, gloomier, and destructive strings attached, and those things make drug abuse an unfortunate place to be. Scientific research frequently co-relates several mental and psychological issues with substance abuse and alcoholism. With the complex network of depression and dependence on […]

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Meet Dipika Gupta, a Montreal Based Fashion Designer, Who Recently Launched Cruelty-free and Paraben-Free Make-up

Dipika Gupta is a Canadian designer who graduated from George Brown in Toronto. She is the creative director and founder of KAVI KAVI, a contemporary womenswear brand known for its decadent and modern hand-embroidered ready-to-wear. Dipika’s signature style blends modern and contemporary sophistication with attention to detailed craftsmanship, blending influences from Western and Eastern cultures. […]

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How Kendall Freeman Hopes to Move From Being a Business Student to a Real-Life Influencer

Kendall Freeman is a third-year accounting student, but she plans to one day focus on pursuing content creation in the lifestyle and wellness industry instead. Freeman, the founder of @fueling.g00d, has documented the difficult journey of battling and overcoming an eating disorder and now says she is working on new ideas to bring safe space […]

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Rui da Silva Shares His Vision and Approach to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Great nourishment, everyday workout, and satisfactory rest are the underpinnings of sound living. A good way of life keeps you fit, enthusiastic, and at diminished risk for sickness. Having a good and healthy lifestyle will reduce your chance of getting sick. Well-being isn’t just about keeping away from an illness or disease; It is about […]

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David Tracy Shares Plans for His Successfully Running YouTube Food Channel, Midnight Food Coma

Good flavorful food has the power to cut across borders and boundaries, bringing people together regardless of their cultural differences. America is home to many immigrants from around the world, each carrying their traditional recipes unique to their homeland, fusing various cultures together. David Tracy is a food connoisseur and a successful marketer with a […]