Travel Videographer Sacred Thomas Has Always Been a Tenacious Follower of Dreams

When the wise Confucius reportedly said, “Find your dream job and you’ll never have to work a single day in your life,” he truly knew what he was talking about. When combined with hard work and resilience, chasing dreams can lead to so many wonders. While some might say that dreaming can never get one into their favorite school, the top-paying job they desire, or anything profitable or worthwhile, Sacred Thomas has laid all those odds flat.

For someone as tenacious and passionate as Sacred Thomas – a social media star and avid videographer – going for conventional careers was never an option. Unlike daydreamers, Thomas always wanted to create a realistic dream life for himself from which he would never want a vacation. He had always wanted to follow his dreams so that he would love his life from dawn to dusk.

Luckily, Thomas had the privilege of being born to supportive parents, who never let him or his siblings hesitate about following their dreams and passions. “I was never told that I had to attend college or get a job to be successful,” Thomas said in a 2021 interview with Voyage Austin. “Instead, I was raised to find what I’m passionate about and then follow it. Money will eventually come.”

However, going after dreams is quite an enormous struggle that requires a high level of determination, focus, and perseverance. After stepping into the entrepreneurial world, it took Thomas almost seven years before realizing what he truly wanted. Although his first business was doing pretty well – a party bus company named Five Star Entourage that he founded with a friend while in college – the aspiring young man couldn’t just align his work with his passion.

Five years into his first business, Thomas started to realize that it just wasn’t meant for him and that he needed to do something different. Not knowing what he wanted to do, he began asking himself: “If money or time were no object, what would I spend my time doing?” Eventually, the answer was that he would travel and film.

Thomas always had the enthusiasm to create cinematic visuals and growing up, he would always film videos for friends and family. Now it was time to turn that deep-rooted love for videography into a profession.

But then there was this next difficult question of how to do that. He had realized what he wanted to do but had no idea of how to do it. Some expert advice from a fellow videographer helped Thomas start up, and he bought a camera, learned how to use it on YouTube, and took action. Eventually, this journey led to the creation of Sacred Shot Media, a video production company that specializes in documentary-style storytelling.

The young entrepreneur has quite a whopping social media following as well, with 267K followers on TikTok and 106K followers on Instagram. This further helps him and his digital agency stand out among the sea of video content creators and solidify their reputation as passionate storytellers. Apart from being the avid videographer that he is, Thomas is also a talented model who recently walked for Chainguardians in the New York Fashion Week.

No doubt, the young social media sensation is living the life of his dreams. Sacred Thomas, through his journey, has taught us that the bigger the dream, the greater the promise there is of prosperity and success.

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