David Tracy Shares Plans for His Successfully Running YouTube Food Channel, Midnight Food Coma

Good flavorful food has the power to cut across borders and boundaries, bringing people together regardless of their cultural differences. America is home to many immigrants from around the world, each carrying their traditional recipes unique to their homeland, fusing various cultures together. David Tracy is a food connoisseur and a successful marketer with a singular goal; to craft a food show unparalleled by any other, and he has successfully achieved that. Midnight Food Coma is still in its early stages of development, yet, it has received an immensely positive response from its audience on YouTube, gaining several thousand subscribers in a short period.

Eating can easily become a geography lesson, because each staple dish can help you learn more about the values of the country it belongs to. Each cuisine comes with its own history and flavors, and it allows you an insight into a society’s specific cultures and traditions. Food is symbolic regardless of origin and has the power to bring families and friends together. However, David believes that food has no borders and that it can make the world a global village.

Food has been a very integral part of David’s life. Quite a few of his early years were spent living in Chinatown, where he developed a love for authentic Asian cuisine. He wanted to bring the same tantalizing and vibrant flavors to people everywhere and share the variety and intensity of all he had experienced. Since he was already drawn to oriental flavors, majorly due to his upbringing, he became a certified chef, mastering the culinary arts.

The concept behind Midnight Food Coma started with the idea of having an interesting space where you could incorporate fun into cooking and eating. While there were multiple food shows available on various digital platforms, David wanted to create something unique with a twist. That is why his show embraces many retro and cyberpunk elements, all working together to generate an 80’s sort of vibe that is quirky and extremely addictive. He believes he was lucky enough to find a team that could help take his ideas and turn them into reality.

David is now more focused on taking Midnight Food Coma to the next level, and he believes that making it more relatable and approachable to his audience can do the trick. Most food channels and shows give off similar vibes – there’s nothing special about many of them that sets them apart from the rest. David plans to change that by thinking completely out of the box and by coming up with creative ideas with a universal appeal.

Good food is the vehicle that bridges gaps between people, and David believes it helps them experience diverse cultures. That is exactly what he hopes to achieve through his food channel. From Kimchi-loving aliens to finding yourself deserted on an island to finally finding Musubi, Midnight Food Coma offers an interesting take on eating for everyone. If you are a retro buff with a deep-rooted love for the old-timey feel, count yourself in for a very special, psychedelic treat.

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