How Kendall Freeman Hopes to Move From Being a Business Student to a Real-Life Influencer

Kendall Freeman is a third-year accounting student, but she plans to one day focus on pursuing content creation in the lifestyle and wellness industry instead. Freeman, the founder of @fueling.g00d, has documented the difficult journey of battling and overcoming an eating disorder and now says she is working on new ideas to bring safe space for people like her.

After graduating high school, Kendall decided to build an Instagram profile focused on food. She had been closely watching other influencers’ work in the food community for a while and decided instead of just exploring food pages, she would create one of her own. Here she found the motivation to begin recovering from her eating disorder and now inspires others.

Kendall states that accounting is not her passion. Instead, she wants to spread awareness for eating disorders and provide hope for those that are still struggling. She says that hearing from followers that she has made an impact on them and helped them fuels her passion for her social media path.

Although Kendall is an exceptionally talented accounting student, nothing makes her happier than getting positive responses on her social media. She got into honor societies, received academic scholarships, and maintains a 4.0 GPA in her academics. However, the biggest achievement for her is not her exceptional academic record, but the DMs on Instagram, telling her how she changed their lives and relationships with food for the better.

A year into her recovery journey and Kendall still feels slips at moments. However, she is determined to never stop fighting for recovery and helping others do the same. She hopes to continue to grow her brand to spread awareness, provide wide-scale motivation, and continue her passion. Instead of a restrictive diet and food anxiety, she is eating what she wants and taking her Instagram by storm with her motivational aura.

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Dennis Arnold

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