Rui da Silva Shares His Vision and Approach to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Great nourishment, everyday workout, and satisfactory rest are the underpinnings of sound living. A good way of life keeps you fit, enthusiastic, and at diminished risk for sickness. Having a good and healthy lifestyle will reduce your chance of getting sick. Well-being isn’t just about keeping away from an illness or disease; It is about physical, mental, and social prosperity as well. As a health coach Rui da Silva shares the following elements that might influence your way of life on a regular premise:

Humans are made to move

We were made to move, and Rui da Silva doesn’t stop stressing over that. According to him, moving is important for our well-being, yet our way of life makes us increasingly stationary. A compelling method for beginning to move is to walk and count how many steps you are willing to take. If you have any desire to take it to the next level, set the number of advances you believe you should do daily, begin with a more modest number and afterward increase it consistently to push you a smidgen.

According to him, a brief walk every day assists with reducing stress, supports weight reduction, and further boosts energy levels. Especially morning walk will ease sore muscles and promote your mental and emotional health. Walking in the morning can help you greatly to meet your weight loss goals. Once you start your day with a clear mind, you will feel better throughout your day.

Avoid breakfast:

Yes, you read it right! Rui da Silva shares that breakfast is not the day’s most important meal. Yes, you also read it right; the food industry people told us what was important for our bodies. Rui’s opinion is that if you really need to have breakfast, have it but avoid simple carbs (cereals made of grains, bread, refined sugar) to avoid higher blood sugar spikes.

Use recovery strategies to lower your stress:

According to Rui, recovery steps are little activity steps we can do day to day, week after week, or month to month to assist us with keeping up with stress at the level that works for us. So many people are caught in the middle of ongoing pressure from work and family responsibilities. To recover from this, you need to re-energize your mind and body. Go for a walk outside or take a 10-minute break during your work hours and breathe deeply. 

Don’t numb your emotions:

We are not shown how to manage troublesome emotions (we call them troublesome in light of the fact that there are no decent or terrible feelings, they all have a reason). Rui shares that when we will more often than not numb our emotions, we attempt to remunerate that feeling with something that gives us delight, so we don’t have to manage it. Assuming you numb misery with pills or liquor or anything that attempts to beat that feeling, you will always be unable to grasp the foundation of the issue.

According to Rui, when you embrace a solid way of life, you give a more sure good example for others in your family, especially kids. By assisting them with following a better way of life, you will be adding to their prosperity and happiness regarding life now and later on. You ought to embrace a healthier lifestyle for a more drawn-out and more agreeable life. Read more about improving your lifestyle on Balanced Rebel, or you can follow Rui da Silva on Instagram and look closely at his approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Kathryn Garcia
Kathryn Garcia

Kathryn is a freelance writer who lives in Miami with her family. As a writer, she is passionate about providing health advice to her readers in order to help them find alternative ways towards a healthier lifestyle. Kathryn Garcia also offers blogging and freelance writing classes to novice freelance writers.

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