Tip and Tricks To Reaching Your Health Goals by the Fitness Guru Josie Medema

There isn’t anything more precious in this world than being healthy and fit. This is why people spend a fortune on diets and routines that allow them to attain all their health goals. Similarly, Josie Medema, a health and nutrition expert and a fitness guru, make specialized fitness routine for people who want to get fit. She is also majoring in kinesiology and nutrition at the University of Utah.

Although Josie is an expert in making personalized routines for her clients, she is also a personal trainer and a bodybuilder. She has had five years of experience training people, and for almost a year, she has been a bodybuilder and professional fitness model for different companies. She does maintain that it takes a lot of trial and error to get to the perfect regime for a person, but she has some tricks up her sleeves that are the holy grail of health and fitness.

A few of them are as follows:

Drinking water and maintaining enough fluids.

Consuming enough water and liquids daily will increase your chances of a better and well-rounded health and fitness regime. It does depend on person to person how much water they should drink. The quantity of water intake also depends on where the person lives and how active they are. Josie recommends a proper workout, so she also recommends drinking a lot of water alongside it.

Regular and proper exercises.

Exercises make the body function properly, helps the internal organs work properly, and is widely recommended in the fitness industry. If nothing else, just walking two-mile daily would do the trick and kick start your journey of gaining your health and fitness goals. 

Eating good and healthy foods and having a balanced diet.

Consuming good foods is the primary benchmark for starting your journey to getting healthy. A balanced diet is crucial because the human body needs specific ingredients to function properly. This means that having a balanced diet will ensure all the nutrients your body requires are eaten and used by the body in the form of exercises.

Have a good sleep pattern and plenty of rest.

Josies insist on not using any blue-light device or screen before sleeping as it makes it hard for you to reach the REM cycle part of your sleep. Having a good 8-hour sleep is essential for your mind and body because it is when your body regenerates and relaxes all the muscles and organs inside.

Discipline and personal attitude.

Having discipline and control over your craving and bad habits is also very important to gain health and fitness goals. Deciding that you want to be healthy is just the first part of the journey; the rest of it comes when you stay put and consistent in your workout and diet. Although having cheat days can be healthy, maintaining a proper schedule is crucial to achieving your goals.

By following these several tricks, Josie can plan a perfect regime for her clients and personalize it to their personal preferences or activities. These specific demands and being able to work along with her clients have made Josie the best personal trainer in Utah.

Please find out more about her on her Instagram: @jomedd

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