Attaining Freedom and Defeating Addiction with Famous Life Coach Jonathan Bobby Opp

Drug addiction is not just about desperately wanting a substance; there’s a whole host of darker, gloomier, and destructive strings attached, and those things make drug abuse an unfortunate place to be. Scientific research frequently co-relates several mental and psychological issues with substance abuse and alcoholism. With the complex network of depression and dependence on drug abuse, victims find it impossible to see a way out of it. Mental Health and life coach Jonathan Bobby Opp, having once been in the same boat, helps people break out of the self-destructive patterns of substance abuse.

Drug abuse is very harsh on the victims. What starts as a comforting escape from the worries of life that weigh heavy on the heart or a short-lived moment of ecstasy soon transitions into a whirlpool of alienation, isolation, and depression, mentally, physically, and socially destroying the victim through and through. Seeing a way out is hard as your body and mind keep pulling tricks on you. Bobby helps people with genuine advice that resonates with their deep feelings and desperate needs simply because he’s been there and knows the pain.

Bobby adopts an unconventional approach to breaking away from drug addiction. Instead of talking about rehab or some shortcut technique, he encourages his followers to find the answers that led them down the dark alleys of drugs and alcohol in the first place. For Bobby, the most important thing is to shut the noise outside and listen to what the soul wants. He believes that it is the inner peace, contentment, satisfaction, and discovery of one’s purpose, strengths, and weaknesses that lead to peace and prosperity outside.

As long as your body and soul are at war, there’s little chance of attaining a long-term solution to all the complex problems that come with and even lead to substance abuse or any other self-destructive addictions. When your mind and body are aligned and are on the same page, it is then that you can explore your true potential and live a satisfying and gratifying life.

Bobby suffered from alcoholism and substance abuse for a long time before he finally decided to leave it all and live a free life where he was not dictated by the self-destructive desire to fill himself with a fatal substance. He took control of his life when his first marriage broke because of drug addiction and all that comes with it. He went off the grid and traveled to the States alone, sometimes living off-road to experience life in its true sense and, without all the noise of society and its superficial pressures. On this journey, he shed alcoholism and drug abuse and discovered the answers to important questions that had bothered him for a long time.

A journey back to himself was all he needed; it realigned him with all he was and all that he ever wanted to be. The peace and satisfaction that came with self-discovery let him unlock his true potential – kindness and empathy for others. His truthful words attracted multitudes on social media and made him realize that he wanted to serve those from the vulnerable factions of society.

Jonathan Bobby Opp dedicates his efforts to helping those in need of support and aid. He uplifts his followers with deep and impactful wisdom gathered through an all-encompassing life experience.

Dennis Arnold
Dennis Arnold

Dennis Arnold is a serial Entrepreneur and Business consultants for the new startups. Dennis Belongs from Seattle. Dennis got his bachelor's degree in entrepreneurship, from Seattle university. An award winning business consultant, Dennis has an extensive knowledge of Business models and he has helped a lot of his clients by identifying the bottlenecks in their existing business models and helped them to stay alive in the competitive landscape by earning a healthy revenue. Dennis is one of the well reputed business consultants in Seattle and his contributions have been listed in many of the top publications like The New York Times and many others.

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