At 13, OuttaPocketAli Started Content Creation – Here’s How He Fought against Financial Odds

Content creation is relatively a new but fast-growing industry. It has changed the lives of so many people in terms of financial stability along with many other factors. Ali is one of those fortunate people who grew quickly as a content creator even though he started at a very young age. But his content was different and engaging. Ali always had a thing for money mainly because of his poor financial background and the struggles he went through with his family.

He intended to make money when he started creating gaming content on Youtube at 13 and that was his sole motivation. Ali was passionate and dedicated and that paved his way to success. At 16 he already had over 30,000 subscribers and reached the top 10 in the world in Halo as a competitive player. This was certainly just the beginning, as he built multiple long-term relationships with big companies in the gaming space, and that kick-started his career.

Despite the fact that his parents initially did not support his choice, success speaks for itself. Ali was able to close several well-paying deals after his success in the field of content creation and eventually built an e-commerce business/gaming peripheral brand. The bond he created with his audience through content creation also played an important role in the success of his business OUTTA POCKET as it generated record revenues in a very short span of time.

Ali’s life as a content creator is not just restricted to gaming, he also shares his funny side with people and makes videos on Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram with hundreds of millions of views. He has reintroduced himself to people as a comedy personality apart from a successful entrepreneur and people actually love his content. His comedy videos revolve around his personality and that has built a notable fanbase for him.

Success did not come to him overnight, Ali gave his blood and sweat to build the name that he has today. He had a clear vision of the direction that he has to choose and worked extremely hard to achieve his goals. Ali believes that every individual has the power to do something big and different, however, it is up to them whether they utilize their potential in the right direction or wrong. A lot of people have not even explored the possibilities and that is contributing to increasing the problems of this world. Ali is working to build a team of such individuals who are free-thinkers and can bring positive change in this world.

Kathryn Garcia
Kathryn Garcia

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