Luxury Travel Planning Guide: 4 Tips by Influencer Hussen Shambesh for Serious Travelers

Luxury is more of a subjective experience than a set price point. The best way to ensure that luxury travel’s cost/value ratio aligns with our values is to set our intentions clearly. Doing so lessens our chances of dissatisfaction after we’ve spent more money on our trip than we initially planned. Hussen Shambesh, a successful IT consultant and social media influencer based in the UK, loves to travel in style and has earned many sponsors from multiple luxury travel agencies worldwide.

Traveling opens your eyes to a new way of living and being, which is why Hussen believes it is vital and advocates its pursuance. We make new connections with places and people while immersing ourselves in different cultures, which broadens our perspective.

We can all agree that we enjoy a little luxury in our lives, especially when it comes to vacations. However, Hussen believes more than reserving a room at a five-star resort is needed to enjoy a luxurious holiday. Multiple factors should be considered, which he shares with his followers.

He offers the following tips for serious travelers that can help save on travel costs and also ensure there are no worries once their journey starts:

  1. Importance of research

With thorough research, one can easily find cheaper luxury travel deals. Hussen advises his audience to invest in deals that get the most bang for their buck, and it involves everything from choosing the location and creating a schedule to booking flights and lodging. He thinks that while investing in a travel agency is a good option, starting from scratch and working on your own saves a lot more money. Brochures, travel magazines, and travel influencers on social media can provide inspiration and information.

  1. Calculate the cost of living and the currency

In Hussen’s opinion, the best deal is to find a place to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle at a reasonable price while also considering the cost of lodging in one’s desired location. Hussen advises us to choose our destinations wisely. For instance, the lower cost of living in Southeast Asian countries allows us to find options for luxury vacations on a budget, from cheap five-star lodging to affordable dining. Such options give us a chance to revel in luxury and sit well with our budgeting.

  1. Make reservations ahead of time.

Hussen recommends making plans ahead of time to ensure preferred dates and first-rate accommodations are available when planning to travel abroad. He advises booking ahead of time, which has several advantages, such as reimbursements or other privileges. Furthermore, he says that early room bookings will guarantee the exact room of one’s preference instead of being obliged to settle for an alternative.

  1. Off-season Travel

According to Hussen, traveling during the off-season helps avoid the tourist rush. It is a great way to save money as lodging and flights offer significant discounts during this time of low demand. Although off-season travel does have drawbacks, such as unexpected weather and the inaccessibility to shops and other attractions, he advises his followers to go on a trip right before or right after the shoulder season, which falls between the peak seasons.

These are some of the tips that Hussen believes can aid people looking to travel in luxury without compromising too much on the costs. He extensively travels to beautiful destinations and uploads vlogs on his social media to help fellow travelers with a penchant for luxury travel.

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