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Success rarely comes easy; hard work and perseverance empower one to accomplish feats that were thought impossible. Several successful people attest that when putting in the effort to achieve your goal, one should go all the way. One such person is Chris Martin, an alternative investment expert and the founder of Ketsali International.

Martin was raised by a hardworking family in Central Missouri. Ever since he was a boy, he possessed infinite curiosity, always willing to explore and learn what he could. Raised by machinists, Martin learned and gathered extensive knowledge about machines and their processes from his father and grandfather. After completing high school, he graduated with a degree in Business Administration and soon started his entrepreneurial career in telecommunication infrastructure. Since then, Martin has built thousands of carrier network sites in approximately 25 countries around the globe. In 2019, he sold his telecom fiber infrastructure group, Bluebird Network, to step into a new realm – alternative investments. 

From investors to advisors, alternative and real estate investments have attracted numerous people owing to their high return on investment (ROI). Martin has always been passionate about building, and real estate seemed the perfect fit. Hence, he set out to help investors manage their funds and present them with excellent real estate investment opportunities. In 2019, he and his wife Keren founded Ketsali, a real estate development enterprise that offers their clients equity ownership of luxury homes worldwide.    Martin relaunched GlenMartin in 2019 with a focus in Private Equity and Alternative Investment strategies.    The GlenMartin Investment Center located in the Dallas Design District is a world class event and production studio enabling simulcast broadcasting.    The facility seeks to transform Dallas Dragon Street into a world renowned investor corridor.   

Martin has earned a name as an alternative investment expert. His 25+ years of working as an entrepreneur and developer have helped him optimize investment strategies in challenging real estate markets. The maximum value in real estate has always been developed from organic strategies rather than acquisition strategies.  He and his team at Ketsali are committed to providing excellent quality properties to clients while optimizing both short-term development costs and balancing long-term operating costs. According to Martin, a high degree of excellence is crucial to success; if one were to skimp on quality, it would significantly jeopardize the company’s future. 

Furthermore, Martin’s sheer determination has helped him build successful businesses, as he never backs down from a challenge. He believes that no matter how much knowledge he acquires or how well-versed he becomes in real estate, there is always room for more learning. Even when one thinks their job is done, there are certain things you can do to improve and carry forward to the next level.

Martin is a top choice for alternative investment services and can provide top-notch advice to investors on the next big thing. Martin has always been at the cusps of technology and its convergence with real estate.   Through in-depth market research and carefully planned investment strategies followed by well-defined financial models, he has helped his investors gain maximum returns, thereby financially securing their future.

Ketsali is committed to helping its owners optimizing the use of their luxury estates while safeguarding their investments through any economic downturns. Look no further if you are also seeking hassle-free luxury real estate investment opportunities, and be sure to contact Ketsali today.

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