Meet Jacob Moore and the Expert Team Leading Triumph Capital to Success

Jacob Moore’s growing alternative investment company, Triumph Capital, is turning heads with an expert team by his side. Having built the company from the ground up, Jacob and his team are today flourishing, growing, by providing investors with some of the best investment opportunities as they are released to the public domain. His dedication and work ethic is a source of inspiration for the whole team as they continue to work with the same fervor.

The senior investment broker at Triumph Capital, Stephen Santana, has closely worked with Moore to ensure a solid international relationship and module following HNW Investors. With a broad knowledge of property investment, he has collaborated with Mr. Moore to ensure meticulous care is put into maintaining client relations overseas.

Following Stephen is Jacob Moore’s trusted investor relations personnel, Emily Jones. Moore and Jones make the perfect team, communicating effectively with their clients and developers and considering the CEO’s vision by attending pre-site and on-site meetings. These meetings take place throughout the UK and Rendering, with timely updates to Jacob to ensure the progression of ongoing projects.

Andrea Quevedo’s role as the head of HR and Administration has enabled Moore enterprise to soar. With her abilities and years of experience in business development, she has ensured long-term client relationships. She has excelled in providing additional support to Jacob and other team members by inculcating a Business Development team at Triumph Capital.

Working with a number of employees, Moore pays close attention to the team he has built as he continues to make groundbreaking progress. He fully embodied his entrepreneurial role at 16 and became the youngest salesperson in Europe, closing 15 back-to-back deals.

From selling properties overseas as a teen to now running his own investment company, he has collaborated with his team of experts to ensure safe and proper management. Jacob Moore and the team at Triumph Capital, have all managed to elevate their client’s expectations, provide the best property investment, and build solid relationships with some of the most successful property developers in the UK.

As Jacob and his team continue to grow and cater to their client’s needs, they remain grounded and hope to stay true to the initial aim: building long-term relationships with their clients. As Jacob shares, he is interested in “helping investors get started in this exciting journey by guiding them into various sectors of the investment world.”

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Dennis Arnold
Dennis Arnold

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