A Proud Advocate of Marine Life, Carla Virgos Is Raising Her Voice to Save the Oceans

Leading female entrepreneur, Carla Virgos, is an ocean safari expedition leader and an inspiring shark girl striving to create a better world. As an ocean advocate, she understands the importance of marine wildlife, its connection with humanity, and the future life condition of the oceans. She is of the unwavering belief that the sea has a unique way of alluring us, capturing our imagination, and fascinating us with unexplored mysteries while helping individuals develop a sense of calm and clarity.

Despite being in a traditional 9-5 job, Carla developed an interest in the ocean and headed to the Maldives to further explore her passion for the sea. Traveling around the world and exploring the wonders of nature is still a prominent part of her life, which she continues alongside her profession. Additionally, she is an example to younger women, showing them that passion paves the way to anything in life, including business.

Besides conserving marine life, Carla also explains how marine pollution is a growing problem in today’s world – with more than 70 percent of harmful human activities such as overfishing, excessive chemical usage, pollution, and other issues impacting marine diversity yearly. In addition, plastic trash is a major contributing factor to this cause. To address this issue, she adds that the only way to protect marine life is by adopting ocean-friendly habits and utilizing products that don’t disrupt the marine ecosystem.     

Carla believes that the more we explore underwater creatures and deep oceans, the better we get acquainted with marine life. Spending time under the water and experiencing the diversity of aquatic life through our own eyes encourages us to become aware of how we are causing harm to the oceans. As humans, we are the major contributors to ocean pollution since the use of plastics, fertilizers, sewage, toxic metals, and harmful chemicals all work negatively toward the planet’s oceans.

To address these grave issues, Carla, on her social media platform @Carlavirgos, raises her voice to save the oceans and explain the importance of marine conservation. She has initiated an eco-friendly trip through which she advises everyone to use fewer plastic products and limit their impact by carrying eco-friendly lunch boxes made of wheat straw fibers and utilizing reusable water bottles.

Additionally, she urges all travelers to try to limit ocean noise pollution and educates them on other issues related to ocean and marine life. The more people learn the truth about these sea creatures, the better they will understand their significance. It is necessary to protect our oceans and marine wildlife from environmental disasters and work as a community to raise awareness of the state of the oceans.

Carla Virgos´s passion for these magnificent sea creatures and marine adventure remains one of her favorite activities. She talks about the grand challenges of marine pollution and emphasizes that these challenges are damaging oceans and affecting many local groups and coastal communities, along with advising people to minimize using products or indulging in activities that can cause harm to marine wildlife. Carla advocates/ promotes that we must take action accordingly and develop a concrete plan to save marine life from harmful environmental risks.

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Linda Carter

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