Marina Betancourt on How She Wants to Inspire People with Her Music

Music plays an important role in our lives. It gives us hope and it calms us down. We enjoy music so much, the beautiful melody helps us relieve our stress. Performers, writers, and artists can envision a story, hear a tune, or essentially see something around them in an unexpected way, and pass that on to other people. Music is a universal language that everybody speaks. Without music, life wouldn’t be something similar. In any case, we frequently fail to remember the impact of music. Now and again, it even surprises us how music moves everybody, even individuals who might never call themselves artists. There are so many aspiring musicians who are producing beautiful music, one of them is Marina Betancourt.

Marina Betancourt believes that music causes us to feel, envision, and be available and experience the moment like no other. She thinks that just like how fragrances can bring back memories, can inspire feelings, however with music you will feel as if you are on cloud nine. Marina Betancourt thinks that certain individuals don’t take off from the house without their music, others utilize the radio to start their day. That is the reason we remember the music for our lives.

Marina Betancourt believes that if you really do a little research, you will find that music has inspired singers for quite a while. Tunes motivate stories, and thus, stories turn into melodies also. Marina says that writers search for motivation all over the place, as they have to compose for hours consistently, and paying attention to music frequently makes the interaction more straightforward and engaging too.

Marina Betancourt shares her opinion on how Individuals get so inspired by the lyrics of a melody, not just the music. Lyrics very frequently bring back memories that are very dear to you. Marina herself believes that lyrics can be about existence, the death of a loved one, and the universe. She says that lyrics can be helpful for a person who is going through troublesome times. As such, lyrics increase the sentiments of the music making them more grounded, keener, and elevated. Marina says that when we listen to a song that relates to what we are feeling right now, even if we are listening to it for the first time, it will still be very special and inspiring to us.

Marina Betancourt says that the only reason we get attached to a song or a lyric so much is that it feels relatable. When we listen to that one verse, we feel as if it was written for us. She thinks that music has the capability to heal something, it can make you feel better. There are so many aspiring singers in the world who share their stories with the world through their music and writing, it is their escape from all that is going on in their lives. Marina thinks that music has the power to calm us and inspire us.

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