Meet Ann James – a Consent Advocate and an Intimacy Coordinator

You’re the happiest when you feel accomplished. Having accomplished something is a very fulfilling feeling; it renews your willingness and ability to live your life. Similarly, knowing what you want to do and working towards it regardless of the obstacles society puts in front of you is a commendable objective to reach. Ann James, an expert intimacy coordinator and an advocate has achieved a lot in life and is changing how people work in the entertainment industry. 

Being from a military family, Ann constantly moved from one camp to another. She became interested in the performing arts and enjoyed how it made her feel. She joined ballet classes and attended any operas, theater performances, circuses, or plays she could find nearby. She found performing arts the only constant in her life, and she stuck with it wherever she went. 

Ann’s mother helped her subscribe to anything they could find to hone her skills and thrive in performing arts. In high school, she played Tatiana in the Midsummer Night’s Dream, and since then, something just clicked, making her fall in love with performing arts irrevocably. She thanks her mother for all her efforts in providing Ann with all the necessary tools and education to excel in the performing arts. 

At Sam Houston State University, she got a teaching opportunity and immediately fell in love with teaching. She believes she got the best education there and cherishes the university’s faculty for her great experience. She has taken immense expertise from the university and made it into the business she has today,  Intimacy Coordinators of Color.

With her business Intimacy Coordinators of Color, Ann aims to bring diversity to the world of intimacy direction. This opens up opportunities for people of color to begin their careers in intimacy. Ann is also pursuing this as an advocate for actors and actresses of color who want intimacy training and direction from someone who looks like them instead of regular directors who only focus on a predominant group of white actors. 

Ann has gained almost three decades of experience in performing arts and entertainment. She is now using it to educate and bring to light the knowledge and information she has collected for other aspiring artists and intimacy directors. During her tenure, she has worked with people like Will Ferrell, Cynthia Enrivo, Issa Rae, Rashida Jones, Ben Pratt, and Mark Wahlberg. She is adamant about changing the entertainment industry and making it more comfortable for everyone to showcase their talent on screen and stage. 

To learn more about Ann and her company, visit The Intimacy Coordinators of Color.

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