From Being Practically Homeless to Becoming the Owner of a 6-Figures Music Business, Sean Wilson Shares His Story

Sean Wilson is a leading transcriber and musical guru. He is best known for transcribing some of the best musicians on the planet, playing what they play, showing what they are doing, and breaking it down for everyone to understand. Currently, Sean works as a full-time music coach and content creator. He helps those who struggle to play the piano by ear and advises them to practice music daily. His passion for assisting several music communities has helped many understand the rules of playing music by ear. He has 46k followers on Instagram and 71k subscribers on Youtube.

Born in Toronto, CA, Sean moved and grew up in Huntsville, AL, where he also completed his entire schooling. His mother worked at a reputed music college so he and his siblings were able to attend private school at a slight discount. He cites his father, a musician, as his most vital inspiration and source of support. Moreover, he admired with those that could play a song without sheet music, and effortlessly play beautiful chords and scales that fit with the song. Musicians who played with emotion and skill became his motivation to start his music journey.

As someone who specializes in playing by ear, Sean first learned to play by ear when he played for his High School choir. By the time he went to college, he had played for various ensembles, soloists, and college events. He has learned from thirty years of experience how to listen to songs by ear and play them quickly without sheet music, playing at churches, and cultural makeups, he conducted himself as a music business professional. 

Sean’s most significant musical influence is his family. He is a single father of four, three sons and a daughter, who found a way to make a legacy for himself and his loved ones. It’s a miracle that he managed to generate wealth despite the financial and emotional hardships.‘I have been able to take something I was doing as a hobby and for fun and turn that into a full-time career,’ he proudly exclaims. Following in his footsteps, his  daughter Symphoni Sobers-Wilson is a songwriter who loves to sing and accompany herself on the piano.

One would assume that Sean’s talent and consistency promise the perfect recipe for success, but up close, he has a rollercoaster ride with myriads of hiccups and setbacks. After a career loss and divorce in 2012, he was financially struggling with no income, in debt and practically homeless. He was residing at a low-cost housing facility where the rent was $300/month, and the living conditions were challenging and at times, Sean had to borrow money to make ends meet.   Things gradually improved with time and hard work. He started a new career when he was 35 years old and had four children to provide for. While this was the most challenging time for him, one can’t help but be amazed at how far he has come. With regards to his business Sean Wilson Piano, his income has doubled yearly since he started pursuing his passion project. Today, he makes a hefty five figures income per month and 6 and 7 figures annually.  As Sean Wilson continues to climb the ladder of success, we wish him nothing but good luck!

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