Here’s How Content Creator Sammy Gerb Became a TikTok Sensation With Her Unique Art Aesthetic and Innovation

Never has art been known to be straightforward and simple. It is thoroughly complex and always brings together depth and meaning in novel ways. We have heard stories of peculiar artists and their equally peculiar introduction to the world of arts, and successful TikToker Sammy Gerb is no exception. Her artistic style and technique, although peculiar, are fresh and inspiring all at the same time.

From a wide range of canvases to multiple styles and forms, Sammy has an impressive oeuvre. In her own words, she keeps her art balanced between weird and meaningful. She has funky pieces that take inspiration from pop culture with a grotesque spin. For instance, her piece called Zombie Grandpa has clear symbolist undertones, while another piece called Curious Cat and Butterfly is a meaningful meditation in an absolute impressionist manner.

Some of the other formats that Sammy’s portfolio boasts include 3D canvases like her much-loved Cartoon-themed 3D canvas painting. She also paints peculiar objects like Christmas ornaments, figurines, and most notably, giant Jenga sets. She has recently launched her upper wear hoodie line called ‘You Got This’. With a lot more that Sammy offers and innovatively continues to introduce, it is no surprise that her work has been bought by people from all across the world.

Sammy was born and raised in the picturesque state of New Jersey on the Atlantic coast. As a young girl, her ambition was to become a veterinarian. She devoted her time and labor solely to what she believed to be her calling and is now a full-time veterinarian. However, things changed for Sammy in 2020 when the pandemic struck, bringing everything to a standstill. She recalls feeling depressed and uncertain about the future, with little to do to divert her attention. This is when she turned to art – something that had always been deeply rooted in her heart.

The reunion came oddly and in a rather strange way for Sammy. She was over at a friend’s house for a game night and impulsively decided to paint the dares/prompts on the underside of his 2×4 Jenga set for a round of Truth and Dare. Since then, she immersed herself fully into the current of her creative talent. She began filming TikTok videos of her painting technique and soon had her first viral video. She currently has over 1.7 million followers on TikTok alone, and another 22K on Instagram and YouTube combined. She posts videos about her artwork, such as the Jenga sets she has continued to paint, and pairs them with personal anecdotes for her followers.

In addition to her artwork, Sammy is also a devoted philanthropist and activist. Causes like BLM, forest sustainability, and saving stray animals are closest to her art. She regularly donates to different organizations and updates her followers about her monthly agenda on her website. She fervently believes in the power of doing good which she thinks is an urgent need of our times, especially now that empathy and compassion are wholly lacking.

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