Ryanne Alecia Intends to Normalize Making Mistakes as a Parent

Parenthood is complicated, some days are so hard that being a parent is completely exhausting.  Through her content, Ryanne Alecia tries to help parents understand that having realistic expectations for yourself (and your children) is crucial.

Being a parent doesn’t mean you have to be perfect in everything you do. It is normal to have days where you’re exhausted and overwhelmed, and it is normal to have days where you feel like you’re failing. Teaching your child the fact that being human means making mistakes and that learning and moving on are important for growth is of significant value.

Ryanne helps parents understand all the phases of parenthood. It is full of days when you feel accomplished, and then there are days when you feel like a failure, which is also normal. She tries to normalize making mistakes as a parent, which is something that most people don’t understand. It is much easier to assume things about other parents without knowing the facts and judge them for their choices. 

In one of her videos, she explained how she doesn’t react to every form of ‘perceived disrespect’ (eye roll, tone of voice, etc.).  Sometimes when she doesn’t react people assume it’s because she doesn’t care or because she is a bad parent which is incorrect.  Parenting would be a lot more peaceful if we didn’t punish children for simply acting human and expressing emotions.

Co-parenting her first daughter, Ryanne believes, came with its struggles. However, some people were quick to pass their judgments and did not try to understand the situation. Even then, she makes everything look normal to her daughter without letting her feel any different from other kids around her. Ryanne believes that children are naive and vulnerable and need their parents to protect and understand them and give them space to live. 

Moreover, she also fiercely advocates body positivity and talks about respecting the skin that you’re in and embracing imperfections. She has often been criticized and told to cover her body as she is a mother and does not have that perfect body shape. But she completely refuses to live up to the unreal societal standards. 

She is unapologetic about her choices in life, whether it comes to dressing up or taking a break from her usual routine. She wears whatever she likes for herself and wants other mothers to understand that a body that has given birth is supposed to look different and that there’s beauty in that diversity.. 

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