3 Tips on How to Strike Gold in The World of Recruitment by Influencer Jeremy Jenson

The term “strike gold” usually refers to finding something by chance or luck, but Jeremy Jenson‘s business endeavors were not merely the result of lucky strikes. His business he built from the ground up, Encore Search Partners, is a recruiting company that looks for executive professionals for companies that require them – like engineers, lawyers, and even CEOs. Read on to learn tips and tricks Jeremy suggests to become a good recruiter and create a business where you “strike gold” on purpose.

Get experience and implement hard work

Having experience in any field is imperative while working in it. You can start small and work your way up, something which even Jeremy can attest to doing himself. He started as a university dropout, then worked in sales, and from there, he worked his way up and joined an HR recruitment firm. He got relevant experience and eventually started his own HR firm. Working with the Lead Generation model helped firms get in touch with potential talent and then refer them to respective companies.

Jeremy worked hard to learn all this, further evolving his firm, and subsequently founding Encore Search Partners. His main idea was to cut off the middleman and use his experience with the Lead Generation model to access the most exclusive and raw data in the market.

Set standards and make a brand name

Companies run on exclusivity, which is why Jeremy recruits for executive jobs at the most high-profile companies around. He has set a standard and he does not waver away from it. He has made a name for himself and his business and works with people who match his eligibility. This is possible because of his own Lead Generation model, which helps him get raw data out of the market for him to use for his company.

Jeremy treats his coworkers with respect and dignity, making him incredibly trustworthy in the community. It helps him succeed by creating a brand that everyone else finds equally dependable and reliable. He also mentions several times that he would “under promise and overachieve” to make his clients trust him more and be happy with the results he delivers them.

Be social and amiable

Being a true leader is the first and foremost thing to running any business. It requires you to communicate well and be social with your peers, colleagues, and employees. Even clients these days want to be socially active with people who handle their affairs, and to be more clear about what they want. The same goes for the recruitment business, where clients often hold parties and meetings to socialize and talk about what they expect.

Recruiting involves looking for the most talented people for places that need them so being socially active is vastly important. Personality also plays a very important role in dealing with clients and success in the business of recruitment and after all, we can agree to the fact that there is always room for improvement. This business also requires a lot of negotiations on the part of the middleman, and that’s what Jeremy Jenson does best. You don’t have to rely on striking gold to be successful in any business. Following these three fundamental key points, having them at your fingertips when dealing with clients, will help you strike gold on purpose.

Dennis Arnold
Dennis Arnold

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