TEMPO Networks, Led by Frederick A. Morton, Jr., Strongly Reiterates Why the Caribbean Matters

Technology has indeed blessed us with a number of things that have made our life easier, but have we ever wondered about the other side of it? The side that mirrors the harsh reality we often tend to ignore. The side that has reduced our world to mobile screens, and has made the entire world a ‘global village,’ so to speak. Villages represent tranquility, true colors of nature, and a sense of connection and belonging – but on the contrary, the much-touted global village is stained by many evils.

One such evil is the increasing distance between humans and nature. That’s why Frederick A. Morton, Jr. believes that the Caribbean is everything that represents what we are missing from our lives.

He says that he understands the need and temptation to indulge in technology nowadays is more than ever, and it’s almost inevitable, but disconnecting ourselves from nature and filling our surroundings with electronic machines is akin to a self-made prison.

“The Caribbean is home to heart-capturing sceneries, soothing greenery and amazing wildlife. I have spent my entire childhood here, and been to other countries as well, but there’s nothing on earth like the Caribbean. I believe my motherland reminds us of the importance of being around nature and letting go of technology for a moment. To be honest, it’s a great feeling in the world!” says Frederick.

Born and raised in St. Croix, Mr. Morton Jr. had fallen in love with the region, its beauty and the rich culture early in his life. But he realized this heavenly place, bristling with talented people of all sorts, was not highlighted in the media the way it should have been. The world was only partially aware of the region and had no idea of the reality and importance of the Caribbean.

That’s why Frederick founded TEMPO Networks – a lifestyle and entertainment electronic media channel that is purely focused on everything that the Caribbean symbolizes – true colors of nature and unmitigated examples of peace, harmony and brotherhood.

In this increasingly advancing world, the Caribbean is truly a breath of fresh air. Turning our backs on nature and intruding on its way has already cost us a great deal. The incessant urbanization projects that wipe out miles of forests from the face of the earth and barricade the natural flow of rivers contribute to global warming and floods, now happening every year around the world. Millions of people end up bearing the brunt of our follies and yet, here we are, callous as always, unaware of the catastrophes awaiting us in the future.

The Caribbean, in this context, is a befitting reminder to all to preserve and protect nature in every corner of the world. It’s not that the region itself is immune to the dangers of climate change. But it is safe to say that the Caribbean can be a bulwark against possible catastrophic natural events, only if we take inspiration from it when we have the time.

TEMPO Networks, led by Frederick Morton, often broadcast shows on the beauty of the Caribbean and the efforts that go into its preservation. The Network also never miss out on calling out authorities to do more on this count. Perhaps it’s about time to get inspired by trailblazing networks like TEMPO and reconnect ourselves with nature in order to protect the present and future of humanity.

Linda Carter
Linda Carter

Linda was born in Russia but raised in California, US. Before becoming a full-time writer, she worked at a PR agency as a Marketing head. Linda Carter received her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of California.

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