Leading Influencer Jay Iverson on How He Disrupted the Crypto Space and Kicked Off His Journey to Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is the ultimate goal for anyone living in today’s economy. With outdated saving concepts and planning, it has become harder than ever to achieve financial freedom. The world’s economic status doesn’t allow young people to achieve this goal because of the debt they have on them even before they start earning.

Similarly, Jay Iverson worked on his dream of being financially free since he was a kid. At age six, he encountered the entrepreneur within him as he sold decorations made of broken sticks, moss, lights, and ribbons at a local Christmas market event. His sale was very successful, as he got a taste of what it would be like to earn his own money, and he loved the feeling.

He went on to finish his senior year at an American school. He attended a class called Entrepreneurship, where they had to establish a small business and then liquidate it to see how much they earned in 4 months. With a brain like Jay’s, he excelled at that class and made never before seen profits as the project manager.

He got inspired and started looking for ways to earn further. He delved into the world of cryptocurrencies and web3 space but was disappointed when he could not find the appropriate materials to get pieces of information in his native language, German. Jay then started looking for information in English and began studying the market.

With all the knowledge they collected, Jay and his two friends broke the market with the information they gathered and wrote a book in German for the local community. This got them the start they needed, and they moved on to making content on TikTok sharing information they learned about the crypto and web3 space. 

Jay’s German TikTok account was so popular that he decided to move on to making videos in English to reach out to the audience worldwide. This plan worked like a charm; today, Jay has over 250k followers on his TikTok. He is widely regarded in the Crypto community and is no less than an influencer.

Apart from imparting crypto knowledge and sharing the best trading secrets, he also encourages people to dive into side hustles to earn more money and reach the goal of financial freedom sooner than later. Jay has made a new space for people who want to learn how to side hustle, and he teaches all the tips and tricks he has previously learned and shares them with his followers.

Ultimately, it is always better to spread awareness of new things and teach others so everyone can benefit from your learning. It is also the easiest way to leave your mark on the world and become an influential market leader. For Jay, that is the final aim.

Check out Jay Iverson’s TikTok channel @investment_updates to learn the basics of crypto, NFTs, and more.

Linda Carter
Linda Carter

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