Kennedy Pinheiro Bezerra – An Outstanding Mentor for People Aspiring to Make Their Dreams Come True

This is the age of digital growth, where many resources and lifestyle influencers are available on online portals. Some of these influencers impart a positive impact on the audience whereby their lifestyle is enriched constructively. Yet, there are some who have a detrimental effect on the overall well-being of the consumer. Kennedy Pinheiro Bezerra is a social media influencer belonging to the former category. His content, focused mostly on lifestyle – men’s fashion and fitness, aim to influence his audience productively. He wants to improve the life of his audience and inspire them to bring a positive change in their lives just like he did.

Growing up in the Brazilian suburbs with his mother, Bezerra had a different outlook on life; he wanted a corporate job with a 9-5 routine. He studied Business Administration and worked in his mother’s clothing business, and soon enough was promoted to a partner in the company due to hard work and dedication.

However, after five years of working in the business world, he needed more opportunities. He wanted to grow as a person, exploring dynamic avenues and opportunities; this led him to move to Canada. As an immigrant unfamiliar with the new culture of a different country, Bezarra struggled to find new jobs and a helpful community.

At this point, he also began to realize that his passion lay in improving the lifestyle of the people around him rather than following the same old 9-5 routine of a corporate job. This led him to create his social media presence through compelling content. His main aim was to put forward outstanding content, creating an online space where people can find directions for improving their lifestyles. He wanted to pioneer an original and authentic community where developing a connection with the audience mattered more than the number of likes, comments, and shares he gets on a post.

This goal is reflected in his approach to content creation as well. The content caters to men’s fashion, fitness, and overall productive lifestyle, and Bezerra’s social media platforms plan to influence the audience to start focusing on their personal growth. His posts give a clear message of staying true to one’s passions and overcoming the fear of uncertainties that hinder one’s journey to success.

His positive influence is accounted for by the fact that he has increased his followership to 72K on Instagram in a matter of a few months. This growth is one hundred percent organic, consisting of individuals who are influenced to better their daily life by Bezzera’s inspirational life story and constructive content. He has been approached by North America’s most prominent fashion brands, like Hudson Bay, Nordstrom, Disney, Bailey Nelson, Indochino, and more. His endorsements are determined by the notion that his audience gets introduced to life-improving products.

Bezerra plans to enhance his connection with people. Given his excellent work ethic and bold attitude, it will be no surprise when his influence grows to bring positive change in more and more individuals.

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