Clinic 5C Founder, Dr. Cameron Chesnut Discusses Facial Fillers and How Not to Look Pillow Faced

Whether it’s to maintain youthful appearances or to reconstruct facial deformities, facial fillers, also known as dermal fillers or injectable fillers, have been the trend of the decade and also the most newly popular cosmetic treatment. While such fillers can be a great way to combat signs of aging and add volume to the skin in some situations, it is better to consult professionals like Dr. Cameron Chesnut who knows the correct approach to make the face look natural and avoid the oddly overstuffed and puffed look that we see all too commonly today. People are traveling from all across the nation and globe to see him.

Even though facial fillers have been around for quite a long time, people often forget that too much of anything can be bad, and hence, the excessive use of the fillers could end up with ‘chipmunk cheeks’ or ‘pillow face’. And if you’ve come across a puffed or somewhat unrecognizable photo of a famous celebrity like Madonna or Lindsay Lohan, it’s probably due to the fillers gone wrong. In order to avoid such situations for yourself, some incredible and realistic advice from Dr. Chesnut, who has more than a decade of experience in the cosmetics field, is all that you need.

Double-board certified cosmetic facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Chesnut understands facial anatomy and, most importantly, the science of facial fillers like no other. The esteemed facial plastic surgeon’s keen sense of aesthetic proportions helps yield the desired and natural results. He avoids extra puffy results carefully and expertly incorporates numerous filler alternatives, or only the amount of filler that is needed to optimize the desired areas of the face.

On top of performing some of the best facial procedures in the nation, Dr. Chesnut is also keen on busting some prevailing myths and misconceptions surrounding facial fillers. In one of his recent Instagram reels, he addresses some common questions regarding fillers’ longevity and the effects of not properly removing the aged fillers.

According to Dr. Chesnut, people have this idea of fillers lasting for one to two years, which leads them to get fillers again in a couple of years. However, the ‘gel’ of the fillers, even though it stops functioning after some time, still remains in the skin and eventually might migrate to nearby parts of the skin.

At some point, it breaks down and we need to understand the ramifications of what happens when a product quits correcting. It migrates to the tissue and integrates with our tissue in an unnatural way,” says Dr. Chesnut.

Though some might debate it to be not as damaging, the cosmetic guru believes that these ‘worn-out’ and ‘non-functional’ fillers are one of the major reasons for ‘pillow face’ results and hence, they ought to be removed before getting any refillers done.

That being said, Dr. Chesnut is an innovator and leader at the forefront of managing fillers. He is an expert on manually removing the fillers while performing cosmetic surgery on his patients. Not to mention his renowned ultrasound-guided filler dissolution procedure that his patients just love and travel from all over the world for.

Apart from being a renowned aesthetic surgeon in Spokane, Dr. Chesnut’s prolific portfolio includes plastic reconstruction, laser, and skin cancer treatments. His talents and capabilities as a facial plastic surgeon are incomparable. Take a moment to view his beautiful photo gallery to see for yourself the exquisite results that are possible when patients undergo surgery with one of the top surgeons our country has to offer.

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