How Jadejha Edwards, a Florida-Based Content Creator, Is Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Accepting challenging situations and turning them into successful endeavors is what every corporate sector requires. However, for women, climbing the corporate ladder has always been challenging. 

Sexism at workplaces has made it difficult for women to unleash their true potential and enjoy deserving roles. Breaking the age-old pattern of discrimination, Jadejha Edwards, a businesswoman, and an inspiring content creator, has worked non-stop and earned a well-reputed name in the corporate community. 

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Jadejha grew up in an unstable family. She is the oldest of twelve siblings. Although her childhood was not the best one, it played a poignant role in changing her life and making her a better person. Jadejha made a name for herself as a cybersecurity engineer, an exceptional content creator, and an influencer based in Houston, enrolling and graduating from the University of South Florida with flying colors. She entered corporate America with zero experience and excelled in the corporate space at a very young age. Setting realistic goals for oneself, being persistent, taking calculated risks, and developing strong bonds with the company employees are all necessary for anyone who seeks to advance in a corporate career – qualities Jadejha still possesses.   

The influencer believes it’s much harder for women to flourish in this field because it is saturated with male representatives. This issue can only be remedied if one is dedicated to creating an environment that promotes an equitable and inclusive culture where both genders can flourish and grow in their professions.    

A strong work ethic and a deep passion for creativity are essential characteristics of a business person, and Jadejha has proven with time that she is a serial entrepreneur with a growth-oriented mindset. Climbing the ladder of the corporate world, she is currently working as a security engineer, where she has learned to adapt to various work atmospheres and practical skills like Linux and Windows. She also owns a tech company ‘Joned’— an online mentorship program that helps individuals break into tech with zero prior knowledge.

Joned focuses on creating a one-of-a-kind, safe and prosperous environment for individuals and encourages young people to learn the fundamental elements of technology, including database, information security, network management, and software development.

As a content creator, Jadejha has a well-defined plan for the future; she hopes to teach the younger generation, especially women, more about tech and help them grow in the corporate world. In addition, she plans to expand her YouTube, where she shares valuable information related to tech and guides others on the critical elements of cybersecurity. With her years of hard work and passion for making a difference, Jadejha is set to reach great heights and succeed in the corporate sector. 

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