Michael Hoffmann’s Highly Practical and Precious Tips on Performance Optimization

Bringing a holistic approach to financial freedom by aligning it with minimalism and performance optimization, Michael Hoffmann stresses adopting healthy habits and overcoming psychological fears to fully realize our innate potential. He is one of those absolutely remarkable human beings who have the ability to see the bigger picture and are not held back by the immediate consequences only. He gives precious advice to his clients, focusing on bringing the best out of them and helping them optimize their performance.

Mike believes in enjoying life instead of engaging in the rat race of collecting money for meaningless luxuries. Wealth, for him, is being free to cherish the small moments of love with your family and not being bound by some far-off corporate boss. The only way one could live a life however one wants is to have complete financial freedom. It’s no wonder Mike chose to be financially free with several well-established passive income streams rather than slaving in a corporate setup.

However, building multiple income streams and not being completely dependent on any one of them isn’t actually a piece of cake. One has to work smartly while utilizing all faculties of mind and body. Mike helps his clients through his company, Passivepreneurs, with precious tips on how they can set up small businesses for financial freedom.

One of his best pieces of advice is to always focus on the process because focusing on results can be paralyzing. Mike believes focusing on results jeopardizes performance by taking one’s attention away from the crucial processes that lead to success. Serve the process, and success will come easily.

Mike also negates the idea of having too many tasks on your daily to-do list. It’s great to be organized and goal-oriented; daily goals are impressive but having too many things on your list is counterproductive. Mike believes that one should have no more than three goals. Achieve them, do your best, and let yourself relish the taste of accomplishment. Too many plans can overwhelm you and bring on depression at the end of the day.

One of the best ways to supercharge yourself is to have concrete goals. Mike says instead of thinking about “more money,” focus on “how much” actually. When you have clearer goals, you are more likely to target them precisely. With ambiguity in goals comes ambiguity in action.

Michael Hoffmann’s Twitter account is bursting with advice on performance optimization. Visit his profile to find fantastic tips that will knock procrastination out of you in a single blow.

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Linda Carter

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