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The Essence of The Art Created by Danielle Zirkelbach through Her Company “The Art of Danielle Zirk LLC”

Creating art and designing something is a very personal experience for an artist. Artists all around the world try to articulate their emotions and their understanding of the world through their artwork. Similarly, Danielle Zirkelbach, a professional artist and the founder of The Art of Danielle Zirk LLC, is trying to communicate the essence of […]

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‘Re-wearable Bridal’ – Why Fashion Designer Janice Lee Should Be on Every Brides Radar

Bridal fashion designer Janice Lee is deconstructing the idea of the traditional wedding gown and establishing the fact that you can re-wear your bridal trousseau even after your big day. No item of clothing carries more weight, expectation, or a heftier price tag than a wedding dress.  But with fashion’s forward-thinking mandate to buy more […]

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Shohista Turan’s Search for Happiness and Contentment in the Vivid Manifestation of Her Dream – Jewellery Pursuer

A life where one is content with one’s work is something that many individuals strive for. They strive to be a positive influence and use their knowledge and abilities to advance society. Shohista Turan discovered delight in something as straightforward as jewellery. Its colors, value, and the way every piece of it has a backstory […]