Shohista Turan’s Search for Happiness and Contentment in the Vivid Manifestation of Her Dream – Jewellery Pursuer

A life where one is content with one’s work is something that many individuals strive for. They strive to be a positive influence and use their knowledge and abilities to advance society. Shohista Turan discovered delight in something as straightforward as jewellery. Its colors, value, and the way every piece of it has a backstory mesmerized her. With the success of Jewellery Pursuer, Shohista’s decision to turn her passion into a business paid off. She decided to follow her heart, and as a result, her jewellery brand, Jewellery Pursuer, is growing exponentially.

Shohista’s greatest love has always been jewellery. In her second year of college, when she was 21 years old, and before she even knew she had a passion for jewellery, she had her own pair of earrings fashioned. While working in jewellery sales, she discovered what she had always known was lacking in her life. She was fascinated by the jewellery’s designs and colors, which brought her joy. It is often said that sincere intentions and hard work always get fruitful results. Her business, Jewellery Pursuer, is the result of her decision to follow her heart and hard work.

Fashion, photography, precious stones, and other joyful things have always piqued Shohista’s interest. She holds multiple MBA and MSc in business degrees from top UK universities, in addition to her other hobbies. She manages her business by drawing on her years of marketing and sales experience. Jewelry Pursuer is run by a small but passionate team of enthusiasts that make sure everything goes off without a hitch. Shohsta handles all of her own work, including creating websites, creating content, and writing blogs, articles, and many other things.

Even though Shohista had a successful job, she always felt like there was a hole in her life and that something was missing. When she decided to follow her passion, it gave her purpose and helped her become the person she is today, something she could not fully understand at the time. Her successful path began with her falling in love with the jewellery, falling in love with the colors, searching for her happiness, and then ultimately finding it.

Jewellery Pursuer’s mission is to promote and educate about jewellery online in a new and innovative way, resulting in interest in the featured pieces among their followers, so they purchase the right piece at the right time. Shohista proves that success is possible if you put in the effort and have reasonable goals, despite her difficulties when she initially moved to the UK from Central Asia. Shohista’s website, Jewellery Pursuer, offers the most recent information about jewellery and all the trends in it and will help you select the right piece for a special occasion. Shohista is committed to her business and has excellent ideas that she’ll reveal when the time is perfect.

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