Jason Borkland’s Instagram Is Stirring New Emotions and Discussions on Wildlife & Nature Conservation

Social media influencers have a great way of shaping perceptions and mindsets. People associate a lot of pros and cons to the influencer lifestyle, but one thing’s for sure: when influencers shed light on an important issue, such as saving the environment, people are all ears!

Content creator and marine life advocate Jason Borkland is one such influencer who highlights the need to protect Mother Nature’s beautiful gifts that are being mistreated at our hands. He is using his social media power to stir new emotions and discussions on wildlife and nature conservation. Now you might wonder: how did he harness the power of social media to increase his influence?

Jason has a mix of unique talents. He is a PADI certified master diver who imparts his teachings and skills to other budding divers. According to him, diving is his passion that stems from his innate desire for adventure and challenges. As someone who has pursued high-adrenaline activities throughout his life, diving in the vast oceans was another way to seek thrill in life. But as he dove deeper and explored the life underneath, he was genuinely moved to work for marine life conservation. Humans are so unaware of the impact they are causing on oceanic life. Jason wants people to be aware of how life thrives under the sea, as only then will they hold it in high regard.

This is where his skills in photography and videography come in handy. When he started shark diving, he was pretty stoked. Sharks are known to be scary and lethal, but as the true picture was unveiled in front of his eyes, Jason realized that humans are the real predators. Millions of sharks are killed, and not only are their natural habitats at risk, but so is the existence of some of the species; they are endangered and facing potential extinction if no action is taken. His passion for saving sharks and marine life at large led him to collaborate with scientific organizations, where he learned how oceans without sharks would completely dismantle the ecosystem.

Most of us neglect our surroundings and are totally unaware of several realities. Jason is ensuring that, through his content, more and more people are aware of the wildlife and the gems hidden under the oceans. The experiences led him to become the marine conservationist he is today, and if you follow his journey on @Jasonborkland, maybe you will become one too.

Check out his website here for a complete overview of his endless adventures.

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