What Makes a Location Welcome the Community Around It

Curating spaces where the whole community feels at home is an incredible feat to achieve. It has always been a goal for people in the hospitality industry to one day create a place where like-minded people can come and enjoy their time to the fullest. Although it might not be the greatest place to be or the most flawless, hospitality always premises something much closer to home – connection.

This is the primary objective of a hospitality business, to make people around it feel warm and welcome. There is quite a lot of hard work and dedication behind the warm and welcoming front hospitality businesses usually put on. With Catering HQ having 40 different event spaces and 26 concepts, and 350+ employees all over Australia, they are pioneers in building a location for the surrounding community. So let us learn about what goes into making a location popular among the community or the people around it.

Find out what people are interested in

Before setting up your location to open, you should ideally find out what the people closest to your location are interested in. Things that people are usually interested in are sports, media, networking activities, and social activities.

Many locations use this as the primary point in their hospitality business model. Restaurants often have big TVs where they put on games and sports channels, offering the people to come together and enjoy. Many locations offer free WIFI or on-site computer systems so customers can use them at the establishment. This is the best way to attract customers and create a loyal clientele for your location.

Set the mood for the place

They say that the first impression is the last impression. When people go to a shop, restaurant, bar, or even a club, their first impression will be made by the look of the place, not the food or the services it offers. Having a good look and making it aesthetic according to the type of customers that frequent the locations is a must. Doing so will provide a warm and welcoming environment for people to come and enjoy more than just the amenities and the menu.

A good environment with some music and lovely decorations will make the people feel good about the location and enjoy it more, hence becoming loyal and frequent customers. There are many ways a business can set the mood for their establishment: the choice of music, interior decorations, and even the smell of the place. Pleasant-smelling places are often easily remembered by the people visiting them since humans tend to associate smells with memories. It is always a good tip to make your locations look, feel, and smell nice to attract people.

Revamp the food menu

Although the other factors are essential and crucial parts of the hospitality business, the central part is the food served at a location. Since the food is what the customers spend their dime on, it must be excellent in quality and quantity. Before deciding on a menu, the business owner must do extensive research on what the people around the location want or like to eat in their day.

If your location serves the younger demographic, add fast and fried food options to your menu. Similarly, serving the older demographic who might have finer tastes, you would want your location to offer fine dining options on the menu to ensure those people are attracted to your location. Different demographics have different things they like to eat and drink, and that is how they choose which place to go. Hospitality businesses can improvise their menus and make customers choose them over other locations.

Steve Sidd
Steve Sidd

Steve Sidd, a culinary prodigy, was raised in a household where food played a central role, igniting his passion for the culinary arts. At the tender age of 18, he fearlessly embarked on his journey by opening his own restaurant. Since then, his trajectory has been one of relentless success. From catering for registered clubs to serving as a hospitality consultant for a prominent Singaporean hotel group, Steve's expertise has earned him numerous accolades. Recently, he achieved the pinnacle of recognition, winning the prestigious Australia | Global Excellence award for Most Outstanding Corporate Catering Service Provider in 2021. Steve Sidd continues to redefine culinary excellence with his celebrated catering service, Catering HQ

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