Author: Seth Conners

  • Accelerate Diagnostics, Inc. (NASDAQ:AXDX): Stock Update and Analyst Views in Focus

    Watching some recent stock price activity for Accelerate Diagnostics, Inc. (NASDAQ:AXDX), we have seen shares trading near the $19.49 level. Investors have a wide range of tools at their disposal when undertaking stock research. Investors will often monitor the current stock price in relation to its 52-week high and low levels. The 52-week high is currently $23.92, and the 52-week […]

  • Carolina Financial Corp (CARO): Following the Indicators

    Looking closer at shares of Carolina Financial Corp (CARO), we have recently noted that the Ultimate Oscillator reading is currently above 60. Traders following this signal may be watching to see if the stock may possibly be heading into overbought territory.  Tackling the stock market may involve many different aspects. Investors may at times feel like they are on a […]

  • Market Watch: UO Line Over 60 for Lakeland Bancorp Inc (LBAI)

    Keeping tabs on the Ultimate Oscillator reading for Lakeland Bancorp Inc (LBAI), we have recently seen that the Ultimate Oscillator is presently higher than 60. Traders may be tracking the UO reading to gauge if the stock has entered the overbought range. As most investors know, the stock market can be a highly volatile place. Investors often have to figure […]

  • Gty Technology Holdings Inc (GTYH): What Are the Charts Indicating?

    The Money Flow Index of Gty Technology Holdings Inc (GTYH) this week has place the shares on the radar as it nears the key 20 or 30 level.  At the time of writing the MFI is dropping below 30 and trending lower for the name.  The Money Flow Index creates a ratio of Positive Money Flow and Negative Money Flow over time and […]

  • What’s Behind the Numbers For Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NasdaqGS:ALNY)?

    The Shareholder Yield of Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NasdaqGS:ALNY) is -0.059838.  The Shareholder Yield is a way that investors can see how much money shareholders are receiving from a company through a combination of dividends, share repurchases and debt reduction.  This percentage is calculated by adding the dividend yield plus the percentage of shares repurchased.  Dividends are a common way that […]

  • What the MFI Reveals About Advent Claymore Convertible Securities (AVK)

    Advent Claymore Convertible Securities (AVK) shares have sparked the interest of some chartists as the Money Flow Index has dropped below 30, potentially heading for key 20 levels. The Money Flow Index is an indicator that utilizes the volume and volatility of an asset to determine the buying or selling pressure of an asset. The indicator was developed by Avrum […]

  • Sterling Bancorp (NYSE:STL) Shares Tick 4.97% For the Week

    Sterling Bancorp (NYSE:STL) shares saw the needle move 4.97% on the week. The stock closed the most recent session at $20.92 after seeing 841133 shares trade hands.  This represents a change of 0.72% from the opening. Individuals may have the tendency to make irrational investing decisions based on certain biases rather than focusing on market fundamentals. They might purchase a certain stock when […]

  • Recro Pharma Inc (REPH)’s MFI Reading Under The Lens

    The Money Flow Indicator for Recro Pharma Inc (REPH) has touched below 30 and has found a place on investor’s radar as it potentially nears the key 20 mark.  The MFI indicator is an oscillator which ranges between fixed values of 0 and 100 and as with most oscillators divergences form a major part of trading with the MFI indicator.  Traders look […]